Explore – Hlawga National Park


Covering 818 acres of Safari Park and 62 acres of Mini Zoo in there you can explore animal exhibits,
breathtaking nature and adventure activities for you and your family to enjoy.

Mini Zoo

Hlawga National park has two parts: A Mini Zoo and Safari Park. You can walk along the Mini Zoo section where the beautiful huge ivory shaped entrance is located and there is a very large dinosaur statue near the taxidermy exhibition building. Moreover, there are Tiger, Bear, Crocodile, Tortoise, various kinds of birds, ........

Safari Park

Hlawga Garden is not only invaluable place for those who love nature and forest but also it is a national heritage. You will get a close-up view of safely released animals and deer, samber deer, mythum, monkey, wild boar and the various species of birds can be seen in nature.

There ........

Picnic Site-1

Picnic area-1 is the starting point to do jungle trekking activity from where picnic area-2 can reach by crossing over the suspension bridge. On Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, the elephant riding service is available for fun. Moreover, there are some forest eco-lodges where visitors can relax peacefully.

Picnic Site-2

It is one of the largest areas and the most beautiful recreation area in the Safari. The area is featured with lotus lake where u can enjoy the beautiful scenery walking along the side of the lake. There are some restaurants and snack shops to get foods and drinks. Moreover, some forest eco-lodges to relax in recreational zone.

Picnic Site-3

Site-3 is also a recreational area that adjoin the Kanthaya lake. You can relax happily on wooden docks that build at the edge of the lake. You can enjoy boating and pedaloes with some affordable fees to look around the lake. Most of the restaurants are located in that area.

Picnic Site-4

Site-4 is the last recreational area in the safari and a wide dock is located at the edge of the lake where it allows a number of people can enjoy at the same time. It is also a good spot to snap your beautiful moment with the lake background. In that area, three eco-lodges are built for relax peacefully. The silent place ........

Suspension Bridge

In Hlawga National Park, there is two suspension bridge. One is in Safari park and another is in Mini Zoo. The suspension bridge in Safari park connected two recreational areas which is Picnic Site-1 and Picnic Site-2. The floating feeling will definitely give you excitement when walking along the bridge. It is good spot ........

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