FAQs – Hlawga National Park


Is there a wheelchair-accessible entrance?

We are warmly welcome to disable people.

Do they accept only MMK cash?

We only accept Myanmar currency.

Is there any food court inside?

Yes, food and snack shop are opened at picnic site2,3 and 4.

Do they allow group check?

We allow group checks per list that may need to apply in advance.

Do they need a reservation for the ride?

You don't need a reservation for the ride.

What is near around?

It is very near to Htauk Kyant War Memorial Cemetery.

Do they allow money donations?

 Money donation accepts for animals’ food.

Do they accept wild animals as donations?

We accept the wild animals as donations however please call our administration department for more details.

Is there any information center?

Although there is no dedicated information center, all the perquisites and information can enquire at the ticket sale counter.

Is there any validity or specific dates on the tickets?

You may use the tickets only on a specific date.

Can everything be paid to you in Myanmar?

The entrance tickets can be collected from us on arrival at the park in Myanmar.

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