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We really appreciate each and everyone who are generously donating so far for animals. However, there are some rules and regulations to comply with to prevent the formation of crowds during the pandemic period. For this reason, we only allow a small number of donors to participate in our program. You are requested to book in advance to participate in the donation program. That’s why, we will be accepted only the group or person who is booking in advance. We...

Animal Feeding Program FAQs

The park is being closed temporarily due to the current pandemic and the reopening date will be announced through social media. During the pandemic period, we introduce a feeding program that allow a small number of people can participate in. Only five people per group allow to enter the park in the program. There are two options to participate in our program: the donors can bring a predefined quantity and types of vegetables or, can be donated the predefined amount...

Birds Watching Tour

We would like to introduce a new program called “Birds Watching Tour”. It will be launched starting on 20th December and you will have to book 3 days ahead to join it. Activities 🔹Bird Watching 🔹Jungle & Adventure Tray 🔹Cycling 🔹Fishing 🔹Camping *For bicycling and Fishing, you have to bring your own. Package Type 🔹Maximum 5Pax 🔹Maximum 10Pax 🔹Maximum 15pax Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we will only allow 2 groups for a day. Duration Check-in time :6AM Check-out time...

Private Tour Program

In "Private Tour Package "allow 2 to 10 person per group and one day prebooking require. In Private Tour Package: Free access to Mini Zoo Free access to the Safari Park Free Buggy Service or Private car pass Able to bring animal food from outside to feed the animals Price - 5000 MMK per person For your Booking : 09429998624

Daycation Program

Meet the nature with your lovely friends and family in your leisure time. The Package include: 🛏 2 Bedrooms 🛋 Living Room 🚪  Dinning Room 💰  35000 MMK per Banglow ⏰ 09:00AM to 04:00PM 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Allow 2 to 10 person per group and one day prebooking require. For your Booking : 09429998624

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