Elephants Buffet Program – Hlawga National Park

Elephants Buffet Program

There is total six Asian Elephants at Hlawga Park under our special care, some are young, some are orphans and adults. Elephant can eat 10% of their bodyweight every day, they are herbivores and eat mostly grass, fruit, tree bark and plant root. Their daily water consumption is 25-50 litres. Research said that wild elephants normally sleep only two hours a day as they need to find their own foods in the wild and due to the human threats. But elephants protected in captivity have more sound sleep, four to six hour a day as they do not have to worry about foods and anything else.

Their bonding with humans are very strong and they are one of the social animals. During the pandemic, they are truly missing the visitors who always had been their friends in memories. That's why Hlawga Park introduces “Elephant Buffet Program” to reunite with their friends and visitors. The buffet include;

-Watermelon -Carrot -Banana -Sweet potatoes -Corn -Grass -Sugar Cane

Visitors who are interested in this program, they can donate for one elephant or all together. The donation cost per elephant is 60,000Kyat and for 6 elephants will be 360,000Kyat. Foods will be prepared by Hlawga Park and donors just need to do the booking with our admin office one day ahead.

Contact No. for booking - 09423104231

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