Birds Watching Tour – Hlawga National Park

We would like to introduce a new program called “Birds Watching Tour”. It will be launched starting on 20th December and you will have to book 3 days ahead to join it. Activities 🔹Bird Watching 🔹Jungle & Adventure Tray 🔹Cycling 🔹Fishing 🔹Camping *For bicycling and Fishing, you have to bring your own. Package Type 🔹Maximum 5Pax 🔹Maximum 10Pax 🔹Maximum 15pax Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we will only allow 2 groups for a day. Duration Check-in time :6AM Check-out time :4PM Included 🔹Breakfast 🔹Lunch 🔹Tent 🔹Binoculars 🔹Birds Watching Tour Guide Book

Details of Package Program and Tour will be announced later. For more information please contact in chat box or 09423104231 #HlawagaPark #NatureButNear

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